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New gardens on Etsy!

New garden on Etsy!

I put up some new ones today!

New vertical garden on Etsy!

New frames for succulents!

Cryptanthus (“Earth Star”) Bromeliads

These stemless, terrestrial bromeliads are endemic to South America and are found growing in soil (unlike other bromeliads) on Brazil’s rain forest floors. They grow well in low to moderate indirect sunlight, as they are provided with diffuse sunlight coming through the rain forest canopy in their natural habitat. Avoid direct sunlight.

Earth Star bromeliads enjoy moist and humid environments. Keep soil relatively moist and keep plant in a humid room (kitchens and bathrooms tend to be more humid), keep in a room with other plants, run a humidifier nearby, or simply mist with a spray bottle.

{These are available on Etsy.}

Come shop for Mother’s Day in Arlington May 3rd! Yours truly will be there.

Update: propagation is a success so far…my succulent leaves are growing baby plants!

Another of my favorites. The plant got caught in some spray paint crossfire, though… >:(

Burlap vertical succulent planters! My new favorite :)

These planters contain a soil-perlite mix, which provides nutrients and allows water to drain more quickly.

Now available on Etsy!